19 Sep 2012

Serial Cut™- ExtraBold. Launch party+ Expo

Primera de las cuatro presentaciones de ExtraBold:  El libro que recopila las mejores imágenes de Serial 

Cut™ desde los arranques hasta nuestros dias.

Se puede visitar ya la web de ExtraBold.

First of the four presentations of  Extra Bold. The Serial Cut™Studio book.

Please visit ExtraBold, the site. 

Serial Cut™-ExtraBold

18 Sep 2012

Mr. Piñata Teaser by Lobulo Design.

Teaser that shows the "Mister Piñata"

Credits for the film:

Paper modeler: Lobulo

Music: Alt-J · Breezeblocks

Edition: Lobulo

10 Sep 2012

6 Sep 2012

Serial Cut™: Extrabold. The book.

You can now pre-order your copy of “ExtraBold.”, the Serial Cut™´s 320-pages book that compiles all their imagery, from the early years to the present time through more than 150 projects. 

 Published by Index Book, some pages recognize AUGMENTED REALITY technology, which can be used with the FREELY DOWNLOADABLE "EXTRABOLD" APP for iPhone and iPad;  and it connects to extra virtual and media content.

Learn more watching this video:

Serial Cut™ studio invited 9 international artists/designers/studios to make an original piece.
They began by choosing an artwork from the portfolio and then made a REMIX in their own style.

The remixers are: Alex Trochut (Spain), Bartholot (Germany), Grandpeople (Norway)HelloHikimori (France), Julien Valleé (Canada), Romain Lenancker (Sweden / France), Mr. Oso (Spain), Plenty (Argentina) and Studio Output (United Kingdom).

Learn more watching this video: